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Every term each grade celebrates Mass with the parishioners.  As well we celebrate a Whole School Mass each term based times and events of the school year. 

In Term 1 we have our Beginning of the School Year Mass, in which we include the Feast of St John the Evangelist. In Term 2 we celebrate Mass for Catholic Schools Week and “G Day”.  In Term 3 we have our Heritage Mass and the Good Samaritan Mass and in Term 4 we have our “Thanksgiving” Mass, where we give thanks for the past year.  The whole school also attends Mass on Ash Wednesday.

We celebrate many events with Liturgies and Prayer.  Some of these are Holy Week, Christmas, ANZAC Day, NAIDOC Week, Harmony Day, St Patrick’s Day and Remembrance Day.

All children in Years 3–6 have the opportunity to go to Reconciliation at least twice a year.