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Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention, designed by Dame Marie Clay to support students with their literacy needs so they are able to catch-up with their peers in a short period of time.

The emphasis of the literacy learning is on reading and writing continuous print, under which comes the learning of words, letters and sounds.

The delivery of lessons designed for the individual recognises the differences between young learners. The Reading Recovery teacher draws on the strengths of each student in their teaching interactions. This enables accelerated growth of the rate of learning through a short-term temporary period of assistance.

Reading Recovery aims to ensure that all students:

have access to the best possible learning opportunities

  • receive the help needed to reach their full potential
  • have their feelings of self worth and dignity addressed
  • have the opportunity to achieve equitable outcomes
  • Reading Recovery is designed to assist students to become successful literacy learners through:
  • authentic assessments on early literacy learning tasks
  • individually designed lesson series by a specially trained classroom teacher
  • long term sensitive monitoring of continual individual learning by the school.
  • Students who have their lesson series discontinued are judged by their Reading Recovery Teacher and classroom teacher to be able to operate in the middle range of their class.