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square bigbrotherThe Catholic School is committed to the development of the whole child. The school strives to develop an awareness of the principle of Pastoral Care.

Pastoral Care is understood to be an attitude of respect, care and understanding which each member of the school community shows to one another. Each person in the school community is aware of the rights and responsibilities they owe to that community and to the individuals in it.

Teachers hope to lead students to a recognition of themselves as growing and developing persons. Our ultimate aim as educators is self discipline where the children gradually take responsibility for their own behaviour.

For this growth to take place, children require guidance and opportunities for decision making through their own life experiences – be they home, school or the wider community. School and home must work together in developing these life long skills in our children.

At St John’s pastoral care is the unifying focus for the spiritual, academic, social and emotional aspects of school life.

The desired outcomes of successful Pastoral Care at St John’s will be that:

  • The living of faith values will be developed and nurtured
  • Self esteem and resilience of members of the community will be enhanced
  • Peaceful environments will be created through affirmation and reconciliation
  • A sense of belonging, purpose and justice will be created
  • Social responsibility and citizenship will be a feature