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Vision, Mission and Values


Walk in Peace and Joy


In the spirit of St John the Evangelist and the values of the Good Samaritan Sisters, our vision is to be a quality Catholic school that enables each person to reach their full potential in the light of our school motto, 'Walk in Peace and Joy'.



Our mission is to:

  • Create a happy and safe environment based on Gospel values
  • Develop active and creative minds
  • Provide learning experiences, which cater for the uniqueness of all our students



We value:

  • A loving prayerful relationship with God
  • The dignity of each person
  • A love of learning

Our Good Samaritan values include:

  • Listening – to listen to God and to others
  • Welcoming – to welcome others as Christ welcomes us
  • Justice – to take positive steps to help others
  • Forgiveness – to forgive and be at peace